Nyepi Ceremony in Bali

Nyepi Ceremony

For you to remember that BALI  in March is a perfect destination since you  and or your clients can experience the Sacred celebration for Balinese Hindus. I am writing to update you that Silent Day is getting closer. The Hinduism will celebrate Silent Day. If you want to travel to Bali in March or have a plan to send your clients to Bali in March, kindly note below information :


Day 1 : The Melasti Ritual – Pecaruan – Ngrupuk Ritual

The Melasti (Means Purification using water) ritual is performed in Balinese temples near the sea (Pura Segara) and meant to purify Arca, Pratima, and Pralingga (sacred objects) belonging to several temples, and also to acquire sacred water from the sea. Then, Pecaruan  (purification using offerings) is performed in order to vanquish the negative elements and create a balance with God, Mankind, and Nature. The ritual is also meant to appease Batara Kala (demons) by Pecaruan offering.

Devout Hindu Balinese usually make Ogoh - Ogoh, demonic statues made of richly painted bamboo and Styrofoam symbolizing negative elements or malevolent spirits. The parade starts at 03.00pm, but all main road will be closed at 01.00pm. After Ogoh – ogoh has been paraded,  Ngrupuk ritual takes place which involves burning the ogoh-ogoh.

Note : All the tour only can be taken in the morning to avoid the crowd traffic.


Day 2 : The NYEPI DAY (silent day)

There will be no flights arrival and departure, no cars, bykes on the street, no light on the street and local homes in the night, no activities in BALI.  For tourists who are staying in the island they may have activities in their hotel ONLY.


Day 3 : The Ngembak Geni Ritual

The ritual is performed for  Hinduism to forgive each other and to welcome the new days to come. Ngembak means free, while Geni means fire. It shows that all activities can be started again at 06.00am.

Note : Ngurah Rai International Airport will operate again at 07.00am. In case you will depart on this day, I suggest to take afternoon flight.


I hope above information is useful for you and your clients.

Wishing you a peace and successful life.

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