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Toraja - South Sulawesi Package Tours

2South Sulawesi is mountainous, surrounded by seas on three sides. This is the home of seafaring Buginese people who dominate the southern part of the province, and Torajas who inhabit the mountains and valleys in the North part.

Toraja means "Men of the Mountains". Tana Toraja (or Toraja Land) is called Land of Heavenly Kings, whose ancestor-oriented group believes that their forefathers descended from heaven onto a mountain some twenty generations ago. Their colorful culture is especially rich in elaborate sacrificial, postmotuary , and cave burial sites.

The seafaring Buginese were for centuries active in trading and piracy. Their tall schooners "phinisi" sailed as far as the north coast of Australia in search of trade, and evidence of their presence there has been found in Aboriginal folklore as well as in similarities between languages.

Let join us and explore Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi to see the hanging grave, Toraja traditional houses - the Tongkonan, learn Toraja people culture, arts and handicraft, beliefs, and more.......

Toraja - South Sulawesi Package Tours


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Toraja Package Tours:
4 Days Toraja The Hanging Grave
5 Days Toraja People, Culture and Nature Observation


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