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Indonesia Programs - Bali and Beyond

Explore Indonesia the country with 200 million people for culture, nature, people and wildlife from 7 - 28 days or more based on taylor-made.

Tour may start from Medan of North Sumatra or Jakarta or BALI. If you start from Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra, it is served by almost daily flight from Singapore by Silk Air and Garuda Indonesia.

The main point of interest are: the Batak people, Batak traditional houses and Lake Toba with a little tiny island in the middle  - the Samosir Island.  After 3-4 days touring here, there are two options, to drive back to Medan and fly out to Java or to continue overland to West  Sumatra the land of Minangkabau via Sibolga, Tarutung and Padangsidempuan. This overland will be passing villages, rice fields, farms, hills, rivers and rain forest. 
You will reach Bukit Tinggi or high hill, a city located on highland in WestSumatra. This is the land belongs to the one of  the Indonesian Matrilineal System which is still strongly hold by the locals.

They have beautiful houses built on stilt decorated with buffalo horn shape.  Padang is the capital of the province which also used as the name of people who come from this area : " orang Padang " known as the most business lovers in whole country. In every cities in Indonesia we have " warung Padang" - local restaurant sell Padang food which mostly spicy.

After 3-4 days in West Sumatra we move to Java the most populated island with 100 million people to see Jakarta the capital of Indonesia, Sunda Kelapa the old harbor with hundreds of local boats, National Monument Park - 100 meters high monument with 33 kg frame gold on the top, National museum consist of archeological statues from all over Indonesia and Indonesia in Miniature Park where you can find 26 traditional houses from 26 provinces of Indonesia where you can find all different handicrafts are exhibited inside.

For Nature lovers, you can drive to the west part of the island to Carita Beach where you will boating to Ujung Kulon for one horn Rhino, trekking in rain forest and bird watching. Or from Jakarta drive to Bogor Botanical Garden to continue to Bandung the center of Sunda land for Tangkuban Prahu Volcano, Tea Plantation and Angklung the bamboo musical instrument or  from Jakarta fly to Yogyakarta for Borobudur and Prambanan temples, batik factory and silver smith.
There are another two options to drive on to East Java for Bromo Volcano, Baluran or Sukamade National Preservation or to drive to Semarang to catch flight for Pangkalanbun in Central Kalimantan for Orang Utans, proboscis monkeys, leaf eater monkeys and birds.
Another choice is East Kalimantan for the Dayaks and their long houses, fresh water dolphin, orang utans, proboscis while having River Safari on Mahakam River.
Where will you go from here?
You may fly to BALI for it's beaches, festivals, temples, dances etc.
Or you may onto Sulawesi for the land of hanging grave, class 4 white water rafting, the Makasar and Torajan traditional houses, funerals and other festivals.
Are you divers?................ then go diving in Manado - North Sulawesi.
Another combination is to fly on to Irian Jaya (known as Papua)  where you will experience the Dani People in Baliem Valley or Agats - Asmat in the South.
Or to the South East is the Lesser Sunda Islands consist of Flores, Komodo, Sumba, Timor, Alor, Lembata, Lombok and  Sumbawa for its colorful textile mostly by tie and dye metod (Ikat).
Here you will find the 2-3 meters long Varanus Komodoensis, traditional villages in Flores, Sumba and Lombok, textile almost in every islands with different pattern and colors, Kelimutu the Three - Color - Lakes in of THE WORLD SEVEN WONDER. The colors are: Blue, Turquoise-Green and Brown. 29 years ago I have witnessed the colors were: red, white and blue.
Length of stay absolutely depend on your holidays. You could not spend once to explore the whole country. To be honest, I need 3 years to cover the archipelago.....INDONESIA "Tanah Airku" my Land and Water. Let's join us and explore Indonesia!

Indonesia Programs - Bali and Beyond:

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5 Days Jakarta and Bali Tour
7 Days Java, Yogyakarta and Bali Tour
9 Days Indonesia Eco, Culture & Temple Tour
12 Days Java - Bali Overland Tour
14 Days Indonesia Wildlife, Culture  and Highland Discovery
15 Days Indonesia People, Culture and Nature Observation
16 Days Indonesia Odyssey
18 Days Indonesia Highland To Tribal Life Exploration
20 Days Sumatra-Java and Bali Soft Adventure
23 Days Indonesia Archipelago  Tour


Bali - The Island of Paradise!
Lesser Sunda Islands
Komodo Island
Flores Island
Sumba Island
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Lombok Island
Toraja - South Sulawesi
Central Kalimantan
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Papua / Irian Jaya
Bromo - East Java
Combination Programs
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